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This is the official website that authenticates Secur-A-Doc's Secure IDs. The quickest way of authenticating a secure ID is by scanning the 2D CODE (barcode) on the ID using a 2D barcode scanner hooked up to an Internet-connected PC that in turn is running this web page. Scanning the 2D CODE automatically places its value into the validation field. If the SEK is valid, a confirming message will be displayed together with key details of the object or document that has our unique 2D code. If uploaded, a low resolution digital image of the object or document could also be displayed.

Otherwise, the validate button will return either an "SEK not entered" or "Invalid" message.  

Alternatively, a smart phone with appropriate app and data service or wifi connection could be used to scan the 2D CODE to reveal its associated details and image (if uploaded).

In the absence of a 2D barcode scanner, manually key in the human readable 16 character SEK (if present) then press the Validate button.

Electronic Identification & Authentication Solutions employ US trademarked Secur-A-Doc and Secur-It-All solutions.