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To see how this demo works, copy and paste any one of the following codes into the field asking to enter a Secure Code, then click on the Validate button or the Enter key. Be careful in copying and pasting as adding or dropping a digit will invalidate the code.

All the codes in this demo are in a secure database, hence entering and validating each returns a green Valid Code, and all specfic data associated with this code. (Pay attention to the details returned for each valid entry)
asu2011.dJZDVxT1M2UVZwSQ asu2011.dQZ2k0VUR1WnFEaw asu2011.c2UFFWNnh0UGk2WQ asu2011.czRkI5VkY2Wld6QQ asu2011.dkbjJsUXhJOTlqSQ asu2011.dqSEF3cDBBdE9Jaw asu2011.dCWEhlYmg3YUlnZw asu2011.dSUlNxbmt1U0drWQ asu2011.c0Wkk1Um5nSW5Rcw asu2011.cuanRBbWlrd2ZDZw

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