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Please scan the barcode or key in the Business Permit Secure Encrypted Key:

Entered Secure Stationery Secure Encrypted Key (SEK) is: RmMWE2M2ZiYzExZm

Secure Encrypted Key (SEK) is V A L I D !!

Secure Permit SEK is : RmMWE2M2ZiYzExZm
Date Issued : August 5 2015
Tax Year : 2014
Owner's Name : Eng Bee Buyog
Business Name : Bee Tin Sarap
Address : 12321 Main Street Makati MM
Area of Establishment : Makati
TIN : 239432423423
Number of Employees : 12
SSS : 2342543534
BIN : 657567868
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This is a demo of Secure Business Permit authentication and display of associated details and actual document image per SEK. Copy and paster then validate one of the sample encrypted codes below and see how key details of a secure on-line form are quickly displayed, together with a digital image of the form that cannot be maliciously doctored.

    RlNWYzMjZhNjMwMT     NiMWRmMDJlODE5ZW     IyYTVmMTg5ZTk3Mz

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