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Entered Secure Encrypted Key (SEK) is: Q4ZjhmODI2YWI5ZT

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Tax stamp SEK is: Q4ZjhmODI2YWI5ZT
Tax stamp serial number is: 1000009
Importer is: 100 International Trading Co.
Importer's location (city) is: Makati
Tax stamp applied on bottle of : Elsa Bianchi
Stamped bottle volume is: 750 ml

This is a demo of a secure tax stamp on-line authentication. Copy and paster then validate one of the sample encrypted codes below and see how key details of a secure tax stamp are quickly displayed.

A4NjEwYzlmMDcxOT     czM2NhNGM0NmUwZj     FkNGJhM2RhNjczMz

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